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VAT & Tax Compliance


The VAT regime can be so complicated that many businesses unintentionally overpay or underpay VAT. Dealing with VAT can also act as a drain on your in-house resources.  When using Priory Accounting you can be sure you’ll stay compliant with VAT regulations and only pay the tax you owe. Our services include:

  • VAT registration,
  • checking of VAT returns that you have prepared in-house
  • preparing VAT returns on your behalf
  • VAT control and reconciliation.

We can also advise on both day to day VAT issues and on the VAT implications of specific business transactions, as well as providing support in VAT investigations.

Corporate Tax Compliance

The UK Government is keen to make the UK tax regime more competitive for businesses and supposedly tax legislation is being simplified.  The truth is that UK tax legislation has never been more complex and the penalties for getting it wrong, never more draconian.  We work with our clients to ensure their corporate tax compliance is delivered accurately and efficiently, taking full advantage of reliefs and allowances.

Personal Tax Compliance

Whether you are self employed, a company director, a trustee or a higher rate tax payer, you are obliged to prepare and submit tax returns and self assessment forms.

With new penalties for incorrect and late returns it has become even more important for you to stay on top of your tax compliance.  From planning and preparation through to completion, Priory Accounting will work with you to not only ensure you are tax compliant but tax efficient too!  Our Personal Tax Services include:

  • Income tax returns
  • Repayment Claims
  • Partnership Tax Returns
  • Property Accounts
  • Tax Investigations and Enquiries


We aim to keep it as simple and straightforward as possible.  No question is too irrelevant when it comes to taxation – we’re just a phone call away when dealing with your taxation.  That’s why each and everyone of our clients said that our “Knowledge was important to them” 

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